Valentines Day Gifts

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With Valentines day right around the corner our family is still trying to settle down after the holidays. I’ve decided to plan ahead and do cute Valentine children’s gift baskets. I normally always get them a gift to open the day of and we make chocolate chip pancakes as tradition. So here are both boy and girl baskets that you can put together yourself.

Girl’s Valentines day basket:


Start with a basket…so I prefer to use this storage bin so that they are able to reuse them. So either one of these are fine to use. You can do large or small depending on the size of the gift that you want to do.

Then grab some shred to fill up the basket.

Beauty Basket Gift ideas for little girls:

Bubble bath-


Bath bombs-


Nail polish-

Face Mask-

Lip balm-

Pink Slime-

Coloring Book-

Color Pencils-

Basket for little boys: 


So for the basket for this one you can either do a storage bin again or try filling up the back of a dump truck toy that way they can keep the toy or bin and reuse it.


Blue Shred for basket-

Blue fluffy slime-

Bath Bombs-

All about Trucks-


Small Lego Set-

Light up stuffed animal-

Blue cup-


Coloring Book-