The “I am” Activity

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One of the most important things you can do for your child is teach them to be positive and to love themselves. It’s easier for children with those skills to cope with life’s ups and downs of life without self-destructing. People and situations will constantly test your child in life, so we should teach them not to change or lose themselves so they are then less likely to allow others to define them.

The “I am” activity is a way in which you can help your child boost their self-esteem.

What you’ll need: a sheet of paper or canvas, a picture of your child (optional), magazines, writing/drawing utensils (markers, paint, crayons, colored pencils etc.)

First things first, have your child make lists of things they’re good at, things they like to do, words that they think describe themselves, words that their friends/family use to describe them, things they like about themselves.

When they’re done with their lists, have them either glue a photo of themselves or draw themselves in the center then put “I am…” boldly underneath.  After this you can either have them cut out as many words/pictures from magazines and glue them or have them draw things from their lists around the center.

Once complete, have your child share everything they put on their “I am” board and why. Then help them hang it up in their room!