Rainy Day Activities

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Nothing is worse than being stuck inside with kids all day because of bad weather, but hopefully some of these ideas can make those days a little better.

Build a Fort

I’m pretty sure every child loves gathering all of the pillows and blankets around the house and building a fort. Not only is the entire process from start to finish creative and fun but most of the time it will keep them preoccupied for hours and you wont be able to get your kids to leave it!

Watch a Movie

This one is more obvious, but there are ways to do it better. No parent wants their child sitting in front of a screen for hours on end, so if you do resort to putting a movie on try to find one that’s educational or has a good lesson behind it.

Go Outside

No one wants to be stuck inside all day so why not make the most of the weather? There’s plenty to do outside too while it’s raining. Go play in the rain. Go jump in puddles. Messy is okay sometimes!

Create an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Don’t just create one where they have to go find things around the house also have them make things too!

Have a Theme Day

I remember doing this as a child and it was so much fun. My sister and I decided to choose a specific color for our theme day. For the next 7 hours our nanny was with us we only ate, drank, made and used things that were the color blue.

Reading/Activity Books

This is something, in my opinion, that should be done everyday not just on rainy days. I think it’s important to set aside at least 30 minutes for reading or an educational activity book for your kids to do. One of the children I nanny for gets something she wants (in her case a graphic novel) every time she hits a certain page number in her activity book. This allows your child to work towards and look forward to something.

Puzzles/Board Games

Puzzles and board games are an awesome way to kill time on a rainy day. Many board games last longer the more people you have playing. Another great idea is have your child make their own puzzle or board game

Make an Obstacle Course Indoors

I was recently on Pinterest and saw one of the coolest kid’s activities ever. This mom had taken party streamers and taped them in a hallway to make an obstacle course for her kids- almost like a spiderweb. Try to do it in the longest hallway in your home then have the kids try to make it through to the other side. *you can use other things besides streamers*