Purse Essentials For Any Mom

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If you are like me, the bigger the purse the better. Sometimes I feel like my purse is a blackhole because I am always digging around looking for things. I have a few smaller pouches I keep in my purse that keep things I consider must-have items or “life savers.” I have a fear of being unprepared, so I try to keep to essentials to a minimum but it’s so hard! If I had to clean out my purse and could only keep a certain number of items for me and/or my kids, these would be my most recommended purse essentials:

FYI: I am linking everything. So you can click on the item and it will direct you to the link.

  • Aquaphor: If you have never used this, than let me introduce you to my favorite thing ever. It’s main purpose is to heal burns, scars, dry skin and rashes. However, I can’t think of one thing I haven’t put this on that it hasn’t helped. It’s like a better version of Neosporin and can be used so many ways. Note: It is very thick and takes a while to completely soak in, so I wouldn’t recommend using it as a hand and body lotion except before you are about to go to bed. My hands get super dry from washing dishes so this is great to use before I go to sleep. This can also be used on your lips and is great to have on hand for you and the kids.
  • Hand Sanitizer: This is a must-have for me because I am slightly OCD about having sticky hands and I also don’t want my kids leaving a hand print of something or another everywhere they go. LOL. I have recently started using the spray when out and about just because it is quick drying, so it’s easier for the kids.
  • Travel Wipes: These are great because they are all natural. Let’s be honest, this one doesn’t need much explanation other than accidents happens and kids are messy! (And Mama’s are sometimes, too). Ha!
  • Pain Reliever: I swear by Advil Liquid Gels, and the kids still need chew-ables. So, I carry both.
  • Tide To-Go: Sometimes it’s just a t-shirt and sometimes it’s their Easter dress… OR it’s your new white jeans. Either way, this is a must.
  • Sunscreen: Between sports, play dates, and just being outside, you never know when they will need some. I grew up constantly in the sun and probably wasn’t as good about this as I should have been. So, I like to carry the stick kind because it’s easy and quick.
  • Bandaids: Because like I said before… accidents happen. They have little travel packs that are perfect for your purse.

Those are just a few of my must haves. If you have girls, then you probably already know, extra pony tail holders are always a good idea, and whatever other necessities you know your family needs on hand.