Playroom picks

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If you have the space to create a playroom for your little one… DO IT! My kids love having their own space to play and feel at home. Not having to worry about toys being all over the house or messes everywhere. It’s easy to control and kids love to have their little haven of fun. So here are some of our favorite top picks of what to have in your little ones play room. Think of them like must haves for the perfect playroom 😀


1. Storage

Closetmaid 12 cube storage $70 BUY NOW:

Sturdy Storage bins $18 BUY NOW: 

2. Tables and Chairs

Kids table $57 BUY NOW: 

3.  Art supplies

Melissa and Doug Art Easel $67 BUY NOW:

4. Books/ Bookshelf

Book Sling organizer $31 BUY NOW:

5. Chalkboard or Magnetic Wall

Chalkboard/Magnetic board $60 BUY NOW: 

6. Soft rug

Grey Shag rug $230 BUY NOW:

7. Reading Nook

Indoor Reading Swing $35 BUY NOW: 

Love Sac chair $110 BUY NOW:

8. Play tents

Chevron TeePee Tent $60 BUY NOW: 

9. Couch

Fold down Futon Couch $210 BUY NOW:

10. All things music

Giant Piano Floor Mat $150 BUY NOW: