Items You Should Buy in Bulk

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Buying things in bulk can really save you money. IF you are buying the right things. Obviously, certain things can go bad etc. But there are some things you should start buying in bulk to save a few dollars and save you a few trips to the grocery store. I recommend going somewhere like Costco or Sams or whatever is equivalent in your city.

  • Toilet Paper: which saves you up to 50% when you purchase in bulk.
  • Butter: A cooking essential that (I personally) always gets forgotten at the store. You can get 4 times the amount of butter for the price grocery store charges.
  • Alcohol: Most places jack up the prices for convenience purposes. That’s why buying in bulk is the best option.
  • Toothpaste: Rather than buying a single, pay a little bit more for the 2 or 3 pack. It will save you money in the long run.
  • Detergent: Same situation as the toothpaste. The worst is running out of detergent right when you put in a load of clothes.
  • Trash bags: Another thing that is a major hassle to run out of. (And also one I forget at the store). Having it in bulk just make sense, because you are always going to need them.
  • Batteries & Light Bulbs: Putting these two together because these are things I NEVER buy and bought a big pack of batteries at Costco and it was much cheaper than a small pack somewhere else. You can never predict when a light will burn out so having back up is a necessity.
  • Soap: Whether it’s hand soap, dish soap, body soap – buying a large container and using it to refill the soap dispensers is much more cost efficient.
  • Office Supplies: Going to an office supply store can add up quick! So buying paper and pens or anything else you may need in bulk will last you a long time and you won’t find yourself searching for a pen when you need it.
  • Oatmeal & Pasta: Both have a long shelf time when stored correctly. It’s so easy to keep in the pantry and perfect back up when you don’t have anything to cook.