Home Office Decor

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If you are like me and work from home it’s important to have your own space to be creative and organized. I have a small space that I work in but either way you can make it your own. Here are some of my decoration and organization ideas that I used for my home office.

I got this small white desk because I really only work from my laptop and I didn’t have a lot of space for a huge desk.

White Desk: $100 Amazon.com 

I wanted to keep the fresh white look so I wanted my chair to match my desk.

White Swivel Chair: $60 Amazon.com 

If you love rugs like me these are the different ones I purchased. I love the faux sheepskin rugs to put over my office chair. You can also put this under or beside your desk if you would rather it be on the floor.

Faux Sheepskin Rug: $35 Amazon.com 

Morrocan 4X6 Rug: $62 Amazon.com 

Here are some of the desk decorations that I used to keep the theme together. I just love the simple clean fresh look of all the whites.

Small accent lamp: $20 Amazon.com 

Paper Tray Basket $20 Amazon.com 

Peonies $25 Amazon.com 

I wanted to add the flowers as my touch of color. I was going to get white but I thought that would be a nice accent.

“She believed she could so she did” quote for inspiration $8 Amazon.com 

AND of course your motivational coffee cup to help you get stuff done 😀

Boss Babe Coffee cup $11 Amazon.com