Fall Outdoor Activities

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  1. Rake all of the leaves into a pile as the bottom of your slide, or if you have a hill do it slip and slide style with out the water. Then, slide into the giant pile of leaves. It’s way more fun then just jumping into the pile.
  2. Scavenger hunts for fall things like, acorns, red leaves anything fall related. Make a list and collect everything in a bucket.
  3. Apple Orchard Trip: Take the kiddos to an apple orchard. It’s a fun outdoor adventure and it’s also rewarding for the kids!
  4. Create an outdoor obstacle course. Use random things from your garage or kids toys to create an obstacle course that will be fun and keep them outdoors and active.
  5. Collect things from nature and turn them into an art project. ie. A picture frame with leaves glues to it or even just glued to paper.