Sick Day Kit

It’s that time of year again! Kids are back and school and sicknesses are going around. Here’s a little “Sick Day Kit we put together to prepare you for any “sickies” that come into your home. I’ve divided it up by three zones: Comfort, Soothing, and Cleaning zone.

Comfort zone:

Lotion filled tissues:

Soft stuffed animals for cuddling:


Plush socks:


Cozy blanket:


Essential oils: (On Guard and Breathe are what we use)

Cough drops:


Chicken noodle soup:


Lysol wipes:

Hand sanitizer:

Sometimes the little ones get stir crazy having to stay put while they are sick. I love to put on a favorite movie and grab their favorite books to help pass the time. Also pintrest has lots of easy craft ideas! If you see something you like  just click on the picture to purchase! 😀