Laundry Room

Recently we decided to revamp our laundry room. If you are needing to redo your laundry room or need some inspiration to spruce it up …..Here’s what I got 😀

Washer and Dryer Combo:

Samsung Black Stainless Steel Front Loader with AddWASH and Dryer with drying rack. Safe to say we love them 😀

Hanging rack:

If you have the room to put one of these in or near your laundry room…DO IT! You will thank me later. I use mine all the time.

For the wall:

I also love this option for a drying rack! It doesn’t take up as much space if you are limited. 



When it comes to organization, I need all the help I can possibly get. I keep these on the shelves above the washer and dryer.



I love that this hamper rolls and it makes separating laundry easy! I had a hard time choosing between the two colors so we ended up getting both. I keep the other one in my room.


“Laundry” Rustic wooden sign

Small area rug

Hanging baskets for decor! I love these so much.

Mop and broom holder

Farmhouse wooden sign