Glow in the dark for Kids

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Hi everyone! My kids have recently been obsessed with everything glow in the dark. So I figured I would show you our favorite glow in the dark objects and activities we loved the most. Enjoy!! 😀

Glow in the dark Ideas for Kids: 

Glowing dreamcatcher

You can make your own dream catcher but we just bought this one and put it up in our kids room and it glows at night. It’s really cool!


Glow in the dark Sand

My kids love the sensory sand and I love it because it isn’t as messy as regular sand.

Glowing Stars

I’m not even going to lie….I made my kids buy these because I wanted them! 😀 These remind me so much of my childhood they are so dreamy

Glow in the dark consolation jar

Get a mason jar….fill it with water and you can add in those glow in the dark stars to it or you can use Glow in the dark fabric paint and put small little dots all over the outside and let it dry. Then add water or not and watch it glow in the dark.

Glow in the dark Bubble Bath

Glowing bubbles makes for an even better bath time

Glow in the dark slime

If you want to make your own glow in the dark slime try this recipe from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

(You can make your own slime or purchase some)

Glowing glue

There are so many different ways that you can use this glue. My kids love to draw on black construction paper and make different designs.

Glowing Balloons


All you have to do is blow up the balloon and stick a glow stick in them and they are done!

Glowing rice

All you do is pour the rice into the bags with the glow in the dark paint and let it sit for about an hour. Put about 1 cup of rice and plenty of paint into the bags. Seperate the colors. Then after they have dried you can empty them out into a tray.

So for this you will need:


Resealable Sandwich bags

Fluro Paints

Black Light