Checklist: Headed to the hospital

If you are having a hospital birth here are some items you might want to consider packing a long with you. This isn’t a full checklist just some important things that we think you would want to add to your bags!


Plush Cozy Socks-

Barefoot dreams plush socks $18 BUY NOW:

Sports bra or nursing bra-

Bravado nursing bra $50 Buy now:

Comfortable PJs-

Baby be mine nightgown $30 BUY NOW:

Soft Cozy Robe-

Baby be mine Robe $40 BUY NOW: 

Ultra thin Nursing pads-

Disposable Nursing pads $20 BUY NOW:

Baby’s Bag: 


Newborn size $35 BUY NOW:


Pampers sensitive baby wipes $13 BUY NOW: 

Scratch mittens-

Burt’s Bees set of three baby mittens $10 BUY NOW: 

Unisex baby scratch mittens- Burt’s Bees $13 BUY NOW: 

Receiving blanket-

Barefoot dreams receiving blanket in Stone/Cream $64 BUY NOW:

Classic White Barefoot Dreams blanket $68 BUY NOW: 

Nursing pillow-

Classic Grey/white Boppy Pillow $40 BUY NOW: 

Car seat-

UPPA Baby Black car seat $300 BUY NOW: 

Going home outfit-

Burt’s Bees Onesie and hat girl  $15 BUY NOW: 

Burt’s Bees Onesie and hat boy $15 BUY NOW: 


Don’t forget to pack a toiletries bag and an overnight bag for daddy as well 😀

-Toothbrush and toothpaste

-Shampoo and conditioner


-Hair Brush




Hope this helps you pack for such an amazing time 😀 ENJOY!