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True Mom Confessions Can Be The Ultimate Therapy

We have all been there: embarrassing moments in public areas, embarrassing moments at home, loud screams in the middle of the restaurant, and more. We have also experienced the good that comes with parenting and the hilarious, sometimes blunt comments children make since they have virtually no filter. There is lots of joy that goes into the experience of being a mother. From the baby's first crawl to their first word to everything else that ensues after the "terrible twos." The fact is that every mother goes through the same journey and experiences similar moments, albeit all in much different ways. At True Mom Confessions, our mission is to bring the stories mothers have of their children to a forum for everyone.

Through the use of different Internet marketing companies, we have been able to build a website community in which mothers can share their happy, joyous, and embarrassing stories. This is a social circle like no other in which honesty is valued and the willingness to share personal motherhood stories is applauded. With the help of Internet marketing companies, True Mom Confessions has been able to get the site optimized and therefore reach a wider audience. An SEO campaign has helped bring the site to the top of search engine results and thereby exposed more people to this forum.

All mothers who wish to share their experiences with other mothers to build a bond, this is the place.

Confession of the Week

For a period, I would notice while doing laundry that my DS's shorts and pants had a sticky substance inside the pockets. Upon closer inspection, I determined that the stickiness was caused by globs of jam.

One day, I sat down my DS and asked him how jam had ended up in his pockets. Reluctantly, he told me that he and his friends had discovered that it helped them grip the monkey bars without slipping. He also added that it made for "a good snack later." read more

Shea Butter The Stretch Marks Solution

Pregnancy and stretch marks go hand-in-hand for many a mother, and are there for life unless action is taking while they are still raw and purple in color. It is during the fresh period that the marks can be minimized by using lotions, especially ones rich in shea butter. The more moisture that can be introduced to the stretch mark, the better. Shea butter is one of the richest emollients available and is perfect for minimizing stretch marks as they heal.

Moms to be can use shea butter in the early stages of pregnancy, long before the skin starts stretching as the baby grows. This is a preventative action that gives the skin necessary moisture to avoid the splitting action that causes stretch marks. It never hurts to be proactive to minimize the reminders of the pregnancy by applying emollient rich lotions to the body throughout the 9 months.

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Taking Car Obsession To Another Level


My DH has always had an interest in cars, but his discovery of an online discount auto parts store has turned his interest into obsession. We have planned to remodel our kitchen for years, but his excessive spending on has pushed this back even further.

To any TMC readers who have had a loved one impulsively buy discount performance parts, what did you do? My husband swears that finding Parts Geek online is one of the best things to happen to him, but with the all money he's spent on new parts, I beg to differ. read more

An Embarrassing Baby Shower


Yesterday I hosted the baby shower for my second child and for the most part, I had a great time with friends and family. When it came time to open the new baby gifts, I received mostly practical and cute gifts like children's books, personalized baby gifts and clothes.

Then it came time for me to open a gift from my husband's bizarre, socially inept aunt. I expected something strange, but nothing could have prepared me for what was underneath the wrapping paper: an economy-sized pack of pads from Sam's Club. How embarrassing!
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A Born Leader


Today my DD asked me if she was inside of me when she was a baby. After I told her yes, she asked if her younger brother had been inside of me as a baby, too. When I said that he was, she declared "WELL I WAS A FINE LEADER." read more